Why pay for what you don’t recover?

Keep your backup costs low and predictable even as your data grows with UK Backup’s recovery based pricing model.

100% reliable cloud backup for business

UK Backup is a leading cloud backup service, focused on protecting your business’s intellectual property.

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G-Cloud 5 Supplier

UK Backup is an established supplier to the Crown Commercial Service, an executive agency of the Cabinet Office, through the government Digital Marketplace, which is home for the G-Cloud Framework.

About Us

Whether you’re looking to backup the computers of your small business , or an entire network of computers in an office or university, we can help you. We offer both a public cloud backup service and also a private cloud solution for clients with larger data requirements.

UK Backup are fully ISO 27001:2013 certified ensuring your data is safe and secure. Being Powered by Asigra has enbled us to protect hundreds of companies in the UK.  UK Backup are 100% UK based and utilise dual IL3/ISO27001 certified data centres to protect customers data.

Asigra offers End point proctection allowing UK Backup to protect every aspect of your infrastructure including all common operating systems, applications including email services and databases.

Some Of Our Clients:

  • 100% UK Based

    We are a UK company and store your data in UK data centres only.Our technical support is UK based and available via telephone as well as email.

  • Safe and Secure

    UK Backup encrypts the data in flight and at rest from cradle to grave. Data stored in compressed and encrypted form and a digital signature for every file and block of data

  • Fully Managed and Monitored

    Monitored in realtime by our Backup Administrators in the UK we take care of your backups and restores to ensure everything runs smoothly.

  • Eliminates Downtime

    UK Backup can restore individual files or invoke a full disaster recovery solution and have your servers back up and running in the cloud within minutes.

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What is The Recovery License Model (RLM)?

RLM decouples backup and recovery. Backup and recover costs are no longer linked together. There is no overarching need for the enterprise to recover everything that they backup. Though the licenses may be purchased together, users pay for backup licenses separately and for recovery licenses separately. While backup licenses are obtained on the basis of “capacity requirement” determinations, recovery licenses are obtained based on “Performance Scores” determinations.