Agent vs Agentless Backups
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Agent vs Agentless Backups

A heated debate within the IT industry – Agent vs Agentless backups – Which is better? The short answer is there is no right or wrong answer. Depending on your specific requirements UK Backup will assist you in ensuring that you deploy the correct choice.

Agent / Agentless – The difference

Agent based backups require a small specific application installed on each server depending on what applications are running on it etc. You require an agent for each server/application that you need to backup.

Agentless requires a single ‘Collector’ on the network and this will perform the backup tasks for every server you require to backup, no software is required to be installed on each server/application.

With that in mind here are some points to help you decide which is the best choice for your business:

Pro Agent Anti Agent
Low Network Usage – Agents perform tasks locally such as compression and de-duplication This means that only the minimum amount of data is transferred across your internal network. Higher Cost – Agents can increase the cost of a potential solution. Sometimes requiring a license for each installation of an agent with potential extra costs for applications etc.
Deeper OS Integration – As the agent is installed on the operating system is has quicker visibility of the host system compared to agentless. Complex to Manage – Adding a high number of extra software installations to your environment increases the workload of your IT Admins. When the agent fails it may require the physical server/application to be restarted.
Pro Agentless Anti Agentless
Quick Deployment – Removing the need to install software on each machine dramatically decreases the deployment time. A single appliance or VM can be installed quickly and handles all backup tasks.   Higher impact on the Local Network – As all tasks are performed from a centralized network location this can increase the amount of traffic that is transmitted across your network to the single appliance/agent. In some situations this can lead to a degradation of performance in your production environment.
Lower Costs – Removing the costs of each agent can sometimes decrease your total costs.   
Centralised Management – Managing agentless backup is far easier as everything is in one place. Having your backup solution in one place makes this easy to manage.  

Our managed backup service utilizes multiple software stacks and our Backup Engineers can assist you in selecting the right technology based on your requirements. For more information contact us on or call us on 0333 050 8560

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