Cloud to Cloud Backup for Office 365

Expanding on our existing support for Salesforce and Google Apps we are now able to include Office 365 backups in our Cloud to Cloud Backup Service.

With support for Microsoft Office 365, UK Backup powered by Asigra delivers a single, integrated approach to cloud-based data recovery that provides the flexibility to pick and choose the right data protection level, at a cost that is aligned to the value of the data being protected. This approach eliminates the need for a complicated mix of point solutions or separate processes to backup data in the cloud. Administrators can easily configure, manage and schedule all backup activities from the same intuitive user interface and will no longer have to manually maintain various versions of flat backup files.

Using UK Backup, Businesses can protect Microsoft Office 365 data at all times, automatically. The latest integration allows companies to backup and restore data beyond documents and spreadsheets to include Exchange, SharePoint workspaces and OneDrive repositories. Administrators can automate and schedule the backup activities for the data in Microsoft Office 365, select the number of generations of the information that need protection, set retention rules and even decide different backup frequencies for different sets of data. With UK Backup, all Microsoft Office 365 backup data is stored in the same single repository as all other corporate data, providing confidence in the ability to recover lost data on demand.

Advanced capabilities for protecting Microsoft Office 365 include:

  • Administrator control centre for the easy administration, deployment and overall management of cloud-to-cloud backup for Office 365
  • Protection of Office 365 data within the user’s overall end-to-end backup infrastructure
  • Ability to quickly restore data back into Office 365
  • Granular backup of data – at the domain level, account level, specific files or emails
  • Secure NIST FIPS 140-2 certified storage of backup data in flight and at rest

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