How Much Could Your Business Save With Office 365?

How Much Could Your Business Save With Office 365?

More and more businesses are discovering the advantages of moving their apps, data and documents into the cloud. The number one reason is cost. Using the cloud can significantly cut business costs, especially if you’re an organisation with 1000 employees or more. But, to make the most of those savings, you need a software suite that’s designed to maximise those savings. One of the easiest ways to do that is through Office 365.

Get your head in the cloud

Keeping all your documents and data is the cloud means losing all those on-site servers, which can take up considerable space, as well as resources, such as electricity and man-hours. You’ll also need to hire fewer staff to support, maintain and service that hardware. And, of course, since it’s all in the cloud, data security and disaster recovery are two other things you won’t have to plan for (or pay for).

Clearly, it’s these reduced infrastructure costs that are the most immediate advantages when it comes to introducing Office 365 into your organisation. However, that’s only where the cost savings begin.

The next big win for your organisation is enhanced productivity. Office 365 is designed to help people get things done faster with less repetition, bureaucracy and fewer errors. That’s because, quite simply, it helps you streamline your business processes. A good example of this can be seen in the collaborative features integrated into Office 365. Because employees at every level can work with each other, wherever they are, time spent at, and costs travelling to meetings is significantly reduced.

And if your business grows or experiences seasonal fluctuations in demand, scalability won’t be a costly issue with Office 365. Upgrading or downgrading your subscription can all be done online quickly without the need for any expensive and time-consuming hardware modifications.

Proven to save you money now…

A number of research studies show clearly just how much time can be saved as a result of rolling out Office 365 across the organisation. In fact, a 2011 Forrester Consulting study revealed that Office 365 can deliver a ROI of 321% – paying for itself within two months for most mid-sized organizations.

Other surveys give a conservative estimate of 30 minutes of for each typical information worker when it comes to time-savings as a result of using Office 365. In an operation of 1000 or more staff, that can quickly add up over the working week. It also means that those people can direct their time towards accelerating larger organisation objectives.

…and in the future

And that’s just in the short term. Obviously, Microsoft is one of the biggest companies in the world and investing heavily in making sure it’s products stays ahead of the field in term of quality and value for users.

The functionality offered by Office 365 is already comprehensive with Exchange Online, SharePoint Online, Skype for Business Online and Office Online, as well as integration with services such as Yammer, OneDrive, Delve and Sway. Yet Microsoft is hard at work developing new applications. Users can expect new initiatives in the near future and beyond that will see even more cost efficiencies and benefits for businesses just like yours.

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