Introducing Disaster Recovery as a Service to Azure
Disaster Recovery

Introducing Disaster Recovery as a Service to Azure

Azure Disaster Recovery as a Service can offer your business real benefits such as removing costly DR sites, allowing you to easily spin up virtual machines in Azure either for DR or Testing and only paying for the compute used, it also offers unlimited scalability of your DR environment.  The key takeaway from this is that Azure can help you reduce the cost of your DR whilst enabling fast RTO’s and low RPO’s.  

The key cost component of a conventional DR environment is the requirement to have the full compute resource on standby – just in case you have that business-critical failure. To ensure you are protected when the inevitable happens these systems sit on standby with the associated hardware, software and maintenance costs meaning a full DR site is quite often not viable for companies. Imagine if you can only pay for the disaster recovery compute usage as and when you need it, removing the cost of stand by hardware and turning it into an OPEX model.  This then enables you to affordably reduce the risk.

This is what Disaster Recovery as a Service to Azure allows you to do – only pay for the compute when you failover and start up the VM’s with a low month to month data storage costs.

Using Azure and Zerto enables not only a full orchestrated failover but also the ability to test your DR environment on demand. This means should disaster strike you are fully prepared and able to quickly and easily failover to Azure. Once the disaster or issue has been dealt with you then need to reliably and easily be able to failback to your production environment and Zerto allows you to easily revert back.

DRaaS to Azure Key Features:

  • Install in minutes with no downtime to protect Azure, VMware vSphere, and Microsoft Hyper-V VMs
  • Only pay for what you use, no recovery VMs created until needed with limitless burst capacity
  • RPOs in seconds and continuous replication of VM block-level changes
  • RTOs in minutes with fully automated recovery or migrations to, and, from Azure
  • Restore files and folders from seconds before corruption, ransomware infection, or deletion
  • No-impact failover testing and reporting to prove recovery in minutes during working hours

You can read more on our Disaster Recovery as a Service to Azure here, alternatively get in touch with us to arrange a demo and see how switching your DR to azure can save you time and money.

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