Migrate your Office 365 Data to Microsoft’s UK Data Centre

Microsoft have announced that customers who would prefer to host their data in the new Microsoft Datacentres in the UK can choose to move from their current EU Locations.

This move could take up to 2 years to take place before the data is finally in London, Cardiff or Durham. The Ministry of Defence, some NHS Trusts and Aston Martin have started moving their services into these locations so for most companies there should not be any issues.

What are the implications:

  • Once your data is moved there will be no option to move it back to the EU without performing a time consuming migration.
  • Data can only be optimised across the UK datacentres, with two Azure/Office 365 UK regions across the three datacentres, the risk should be low for most small and medium-sized companies.
  • Data protection laws are set to change in May 2018 with the General data Protection Regulation (GDPR) applying across the EU.

The process of migrating your data to the Office 365 UK Data Centres is extremely easy and only takes a few minutes.

If you are currently using Office 365 in the UK it is likely that your data is already hosted within the EU:

Office 365 Data Location

If this is the case you should see the option within your office 365 admin area titled ‘Data Residency Option’ which should look like this:

Office 365 Data Residency Option

Simply select the ‘Edit’ Option and you will then be able to switch the migration to the UK Data centre on. Once this is completed you will receive a confirmation message stating the cut off period and the length of migration:

Once this migration is complete your Office 365 data will be now hosted in the UK.

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