Office 365 Backup

UK Backup’s Office 365 backup service is a pure cloud to cloud solution that requires no hardware or software installed locally. The service includes backup for Exchange Online, Sharepoint and Onedrive at a granular level all from an easy to use web based GUI. This coupled with the built in data protection features of Office 365 ensures your data is safe and secure in the cloud all with a simple pricing model that ensures your are only paying for the data stored.

Protect Sharepoint, Exchange and Onedrive

To protect your Office 365 data you need to backup more than just exchange, With UK Backup we protect Exchange Online, Sharepoint Online and Onedrive data.

Protect Exchange Online mailboxes, email, calendars, contacts, tasks and Sharepoint Online sites, calendars, contacts, discussion lists, document libraries and list content. We even protect your Microsoft OneDrive

Granular Backups of Data in Office 365

When it comes to restoring files, the UK Backup solution allows you to restore entire mailboxes and sites but it also offers you the flexibility of restoring just a single email of an old version of a SharePoint file from last month. This saves time and money when you need to perform those crucial restores.

The easy to use interfaces allow you to easily view multiple versions of file data stored within the backups and searching and selecting a specific file has never been easier.


Microsoft Office 365 Backup

Protect Exchange, Sharepoint and OneDrive
Full protection for every Office 365 Application
Cloud 2 Cloud Based
Fully SaaS based Cloud backups meaning no hardware of software installation.
Secure, UK Based
Fully UK Based and Encrypted storage keeps your data safe.

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Highly Secure – Fully Encrypted

Your data is protected using dual AES-256 encryption keys to protect data at rest and in flight from Office 365. All data is written using the keys prior to being stored with UK Backup, The key is always held by the customer. Your data will always reside in the UK within high security replicated data centres meeting all UK and EU data protection requirements.

Customisable Retention Periods

We understand that retention periods requirements differ from business to business, We allow you the ability to customise and set retention periods that are suitable for your needs. From days, weeks to months and years the choice is yours, We even offer the ability to customise the retention policy on a per mailbox or per sharepoint/onedrive for business site basis allowing you complete control over your retention.


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"Our old solution was at its end of life and out of support. Our desire was to move to a more up-to-date system that was reliable, minimised restoration times, kept our data secure as well as being scalable. UK Backup was the obvious choice. We wanted a cloud service provider who could reduce the amount of hardware installed within the racks of our data centre."

Dave Homer - ICT Project Manager, Nacro

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