You Should Consider Outsourcing Your Backups – Here’s Why.
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You Should Consider Outsourcing Your Backups – Here’s Why.

Outsourcing your backups should be at the very top of your to-do list. The world of IT has changed dramatically over the years. As more technology is adopted by businesses to form a vital cog in how they operate, IT teams get more and more bloated which of course leads to increased specialisation, but also contributes greatly to overheads which ultimately impacts the bottom line. We look at the reasons why you should consider outsourcing your backups, and how it can ultimately lead to a more efficient and well-rounded IT function.

Technology is an ever-evolving beast…

Take tape backup as an example. First used as early as the 1950s, this technology was originally designed to hold the equivalent of one megabyte worth of data – though obviously over the years capacity has scaled up! Whilst it has survived and is indeed still used in some in-house cases, tape backup can be a serious drain on both finance and manpower. Hardware updates are more frequent and far more complex and there can be a multitude of software issues that simply adds unnecessary tasks to your IT team’s workload. You are also at a heightened risk of losing your data – add that to disaster recovery plans that are likely very outdated, and it becomes a recipe for failure!

Whilst the idea of migrating can be a cause of anxiety, these days cloud backup is a no-brainer as it offers faster service and an infinitely greater level of automation and in outsourcing this, you will be in the hands of experts who live and breathe this technology day in, day out – just one of the many benefits of outsourcing backup.

Better & More Agile Performance

Let’s consider ABC Inc. They want to increase their data storage capacity by double due to expansion, but their small in-house IT team handles everything. They are likely to have to invest in hiring either permanent staff or bringing in contractors, they will have to fork out for new servers and software to deploy the changes. This will undoubtedly be both a costly and lengthy process.

Now turn your attention to XYZ Co. They also want to double their storage capacity and have forecast further growth in the not too distant future. They’ve outsourced this, however, and have been told that this can all be up and running in as little as a few hours and if they need to increase their storage again, they just need to get in touch. Whilst their monthly cost has increased a little to facilitate these changes, they’ve saved a considerable amount of money by not hiring additional staff or investing in more hardware and software.

Speaking of Cost…

It is significantly more cost-effective to outsource data backup. Manpower and software costs are divided between many clients, and drivers and server hardware tend to get sourced at a lower cost, therefore these savings are basically all transferred to you and you benefit from it. As mentioned in the above example, outsourcing means you won’t have to invest in additional physical storage capacity in the future, and you’ll be able to scale up as needed. The bottom line here is that you will only pay for the amount of storage you need, not the hardware, software and in-house staffing if you continue to go it alone.

To Summarise…

  • Outsourced backup providers are subject matter experts who will significantly lessen the stress of data disruption on your business.
  • A better, well-rounded and agile outsourced solution will mean that backup and disaster recovery will be faster and a lot easier.
  • As data is backed up at regular intervals, you can rest assured that recovery is instantaneous with self-defined RPO’s.
  • The ability to scale up (or down) storage capacity depending on your requirements.
  • Remarkable cost savings – no employees needed internally to manage things, no continuous investment is hardware and software to keep up with demand.

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